CFN Church Connection February 11 2021

TEXAS WEATHER HAS CHANGED! Real Winter has arrived! 

Last night Solange and I taught our School of the Spirit classes online.  David Kabaso was at the Church to lead intercessors brave enough to come out in the cold to pray. 

Today, our Food Pantry was closed due to icy road conditions. If you are in emergency need of food, please call 214-302-6241.

We are waiting for the exact dates and times for David Green’s Grandmother’s wake and funeral. If you will volunteer to make food for the family, please call me at 214-477-6741.

  • Ladies’ “Hearts 4 Him”  was scheduled to meet Saturday, February 13th. Due to expected weather conditions, H4H will be rescheduled to Saturday, February 27th, 3 pm at the Church (JMH)
  • February 13th, 5:30 pm: Young Adults and Singles: Meet on ZOOM!  Grab your hamburger or pizza, and get ready for some games, Bible study, and prayer! 
  • Our 10 am Sunday Service will be online February 14th: at CFN Church Facebook, or on CFN Church YouTube (instead of in-person). There is a Winter Weather Advisory all day Sunday and Monday.
  • Gather your family and your Bibles and participate in worship. Pastors Tom and Rayanna will share the Message: “WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE” 
  • Make a Watch Party. Call friends and family to watch online Sunday at 10 am. We are staying home to keep everyone safe, but we do not need to forsake our assembling together. We still need to be present and accountable for our spiritual growth. Last week, Pastor Rayanna shared the four points for Revival that God had given her.  Number 4 was “Stop playing Church!” BE THE BODY OF CHRIST!  IT TAKES ALL OF US TOGETHER TO CARRY OUT HIS GREAT COMMISSION, AS ONE!
  • Wednesday School of the Spirit, February 17th: Online if there is inclement weather, (snow is forecast). Walking With God with Solange Tranel on Google Duo. Hearing God with Pastors Tom and Rayanna on Zoom. (Invitation coming Wednesday.)  Intercession on Zoom with David Kabaso, or on phone with Meaza (Invitation coming Wednesday). 
  • Thursday, February 19th, Food Pantry: We are expecting a semi truckload of food boxes. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS BY 12 NOON.
  • “FREEDOM IN CHRIST ENCOUNTER” Saturday, February 20th, 10 am- 3pm, at Church (JMH)      Break chains, break bondage, and renounce lies of Satan. The Encounter is for everyone in the Church, Campus and Community. Bring a notebook and pen. Lunch will be provided.